How Crane Hire Companies Work Out the Machine That Is Best for Your Project

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How Crane Hire Companies Work Out the Machine That Is Best for Your Project

27 March 2020
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"What kind of crane should I hire for my job?" This is one of the crane hire FAQs that many customers send to crane hire companies. With the different types and sizes of cranes available for hire, figuring out what kind of crane you need to complete your job is not without problems, especially if you're a first-time equipment renter. 

The good news is that you don't have to be an industry guru to choose the right crane. The professionals at crane hire companies can help you work out the particular model of crane that best suits your needs. However, they will require you to provide them with certain information so they can initially assess your project's requirements. 

Here's a look at some essential information that you may be asked to provide before you can get recommendations on the crane that is best suited for your lifting operations.

The Dimensions of the Load to Be Lifted

How large or small is the material or item that you intend to lift using a crane? Your crane rental company will want to know the dimensions of the load to be lifted to determine what kind of machine can handle the size of the load without it losing stability. 

If the load is too large for the selected machine, it might be difficult to balance the load and avoid tipping accidents.

The Weight of the Load to Be Lifted

Aside from taking measurements of the load to be lifted, you will also need to determine its weight. The right crane should have the proper capacity to handle the weight of your load together with any additional equipment, such as straps, cables, clevises, and rigging hardware that will need to be attached to it. 

Trying to lift a load that is heavier than a crane's weight capacity can cause disastrous accidents, such as the toppling of the crane, leading to workplace injuries and equipment damage.

The Terrain of Your Site

On which kind of terrain are you going to undertake crane operations? The terrain of your site will influence whether you need a tracked or wheeled model of crane. 

Generally speaking, tracked cranes are designed for use in wet or hilly terrains because they provide better traction than their wheeled cousins. Wheeled cranes, on the other hand, are suitable for relatively flat and hard surfaces that don't require maximum traction to move on safely and easily. 

From the information that you provide, your crane rental company will be able to can make an initial assessment about what kind of crane is best for your job.