What You Should Consider During Float Hire

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What You Should Consider During Float Hire

30 March 2020
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Horse floats are important when you need to transport your horses to an event or from one point to another safely and securely.

If you own horses and frequently need to transport them, then buying a horse float is the most recommended thing to do because it is cheaper in the long run than hiring. You should, however, take your time before purchasing one so that you get to know what you need. Hire floats for a few weeks and get to know what features each has and what modifications you would like; this way, you will be in a better position to buy a float that you won't have regrets about later on.

If you do not frequently need to transport your horses, hiring a horse float is your best option because it is cheaper in the short and long run. Here's what you need to know about float hires.


How many horses do you want to transport? You may mostly come across horse floats that can hold one, two or three horses. Weigh your options; if you have two horses, it might be expensive to hire two one-horse floats in terms of fuel and float hire costs. Hire a single two-horse float; it is more convenient than the first option.

GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass)

This is the total tare weight plus the weight of your load (horses and everything else you carry in the horse float). If your horses are heavy and you want to carry various things they or you might require, you might need the GVM to be on the higher side.

Additional Features

Of course, you may not only require enough space for your horses but a cabin where you can sleep or work from inside the horse float as well. How large do you want this cabin to be? What features do you want it to have? Do you need a desk, chairs, bed, lighting infrastructure, kitchen appliances (microwave and fridge) or entertainment systems (television, USB inputs, DVD/CD inputs, etc.)?

Your horses also require comfort; you might want to think about padding and ease of cleaning. Remember to also have room for enough horse food and water for the number of horses you have and the duration you are transporting your horses.

Cost of Hire and Services

How many days do you want to hire a horse float for? Can you get a discount based on the number of days? What if you encounter a problem with the hired horse float — what can the horse float hire company do for you without you incurring any extra expenses? These are the questions you need to ask to ensure you get the most out of your float hire.