Articulating Boom Lift: Three Fundamental Tips for Equipment Selection

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Articulating Boom Lift: Three Fundamental Tips for Equipment Selection

28 May 2020
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Articulating boom lifts are designed to ensure optimal efficiency when working on elevated areas. In general, these pieces of aerial equipment are advantageous over the alternatives because their horizontal and vertical reach is exceptional. Also, the capacity of the articulating boom is great, making the platform versatile. In addition, different accessories can be connected to the lift for improved performance. However, you should note that these machines are not all equal. Here are basic tips for selecting an ideal boom lift for hire.

Evaluate the Worksite

You should assess your worksite before choosing your aerial lift. This is important because the selected equipment must fit in the available space. Moreover, you will need to evaluate the desired height for access. When inspecting the site, it is important to look at the access areas. Measure the available roadways and paths for navigating the property, and choose a lift which can be moved around with ease. If the area is limited, you will need to opt for a more compact lift. You should also determine the maximum work height for your project and hire equipment with enough horizontal and vertical reach.

Compare Power Options

The form of power used by an articulating boom lift is a crucial consideration. This aspect will determine convenience, safety and performance. In general, diesel- or petrol-powered equipment is favoured for most at-height work. These generate more power, so they are more suitable for heavy-duty lifting. In addition, the units can move faster. Electric lifts are usually compact. They are suitable for working in places with limited space. You can also use these platforms indoors because they do not emit fumes.

Plan for Movement

It is advisable to compare the options for moving your articulating boom lift from one area to another. Mobility is important unless you are planning on using the equipment in a highly localised place. The most popular design is the self-propelling option. As implied, the lift can be moved independently. This makes it a good choice for navigating different parts of a workplace without a lot of preparation. It is also more economical because you will not need additional equipment. The alternative is the truck-mounted design. As implied, this setup involves placing the aerial equipment in a vehicle. This might be ideal if you have to move over long distances.

Choosing a good articulating boom lift can be a little daunting. If you have any questions, you should discuss your concerns with your access equipment hire provider.