Two Tips for Those Who’ll Be Using Excavating Services When Installing an Outdoor Water Fountain

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Two Tips for Those Who’ll Be Using Excavating Services When Installing an Outdoor Water Fountain

21 August 2020
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If you'll be using a construction company's excavating services in order to create your new water fountain's foundation, you might want to jot down some of this advice.

Make sure you've chosen the right spot before the excavator driver starts digging

It is important to know precisely where you want the water fountain to be positioned before you tell the excavator driver to begin digging. Depending on which part of the property you plan to put this outdoor fountain, the driver might have to dig up some of the existing lawn, patio or driveway materials to create the excavation. If you pick a spot which you later realise was not the right one, you might end up having to replace some of these materials.

For example, if you have a circular driveway and you'd like to put a water fountain in the centre of it, you will need to ensure, after you've marked out the area in the middle where the fountain will go, that there is enough space for cars to drive around it. If you don't do this and the excavator driver follows your instructions regarding where to dig, the driveway around the excavation might turn out to be too narrow for some vehicles, in which case you would have to repave sections of it and have the excavator driver dig a new hole in the correct spot. This could hike up your project's cost and result in it taking more time to finish.

Remember to move nearby plants out of the way

Most people realise that after booking excavator services, they will need to clear away any items that are on the area that will be dug up. However, it is also a good idea for anyone who uses this service to also clear away things on the ground that surrounds the excavation area. For example, if you're putting your outdoor water fountain on your lawn, which is surrounded by flowerbeds, you might want to temporarily transplant these flowers to some pots, put the pots indoors and then return the flowers to their beds after the excavation is finished.

Even a compact excavator can take up quite a bit of space. The driver will need to be able to move around the area surrounding the designated excavation spot without their movement being impeded by the presence of things like flowerbeds. If you leave the flowers in place whilst the excavation's being carried out, the driver might not be able to proceed with the digging, unless you give them permission to drive over these flowerbeds. As such, if you don't want your plants to disrupt the excavation or to get crushed during it, you should transplant them beforehand.

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