The Different Ways Earthmoving Equipment Is Used in Preparing Sites for Construction Projects

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The Different Ways Earthmoving Equipment Is Used in Preparing Sites for Construction Projects

28 September 2020
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Before work can commence at a construction site, proper site preparation will need to be carried out. As the name suggests, site preparation involves getting a site ready for actual construction work. All the different types of heavy construction machines used in site preparation are collectively called earthmoving machines. The construction professionals that use these machines to get work done are known as earthmoving contractors.

Earthmoving machines are versatile pieces of construction machinery that can be used to perform a variety of tasks at a construction site. Take a look at a few common uses of earthmoving equipment below.

Land Clearing 

Although it often causes disturbance to the local ecology, land clearing is usually a crucial aspect of virtually any construction project. It involves clearing off any trees, vegetation, large rocks, rubbish, and other obstructions that may be present on-site to give way for new development. 

By removing the obstacles, earthmoving contractors make the site more accessible to the crew and the various types of heavy construction equipment needed to complete the project. This helps get work done faster, thus increasing the likelihood of beating the deadline.

Land Grading

This is a construction activity that can be performed for a variety of purposes, but mainly for site levelling. Where the slope of the land makes it difficult to start construction, earthmoving contractors can move earth from higher spots to lower spots to achieve a perfectly level base for installing the foundation of a building. This helps keep the structure strong and stable.

Land grading can also be performed to reconfigure the topography of a worksite — that is, for the land to take the shape the site surveyor wants.

Site Excavation

Laying the foundation of a building often requires major excavation work. This is because the weight of the building should be transferred to a stable layer of the soil. 

Earthmoving machines can be used for digging and removing large volumes of earth from a site to allow crew members to start building the foundation. The debris should be removed from the site safely and efficiently to minimise workplace accidents and keep work flowing smoothly.

As you can see, construction teams heavily rely on earthmoving machines to get work done fast and efficiently. If you want to learn more about the uses of this type of heavy construction equipment, don't hesitate to get in touch with the experts at an earthmoving company near you.