Advantages of Choosing All-Terrain Crane Hire for Your Heavy Construction Equipment Needs

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Advantages of Choosing All-Terrain Crane Hire for Your Heavy Construction Equipment Needs

10 March 2021
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If you have recently ventured into the construction industry and are currently gearing up for a project that will involve a considerable amount of heavy lifting, you will need to include a crane as part of your heavy construction equipment arsenal. Fortunately, you do not have to buy this machinery outright since there is the option of crane hire. However, most reputable equipment providers will have a range of cranes available, which can make whittling down your options challenging, as each option provides several pros and cons.

But this does not have to be a complicated decision. When it comes to unparalleled versatility, all-terrain cranes are a popular solution. Whether you are embarking on a small-scale or large-scale project, here are a few of the advantages you can gain when you choose all-terrain crane hire for your heavy construction equipment needs.

Superior manoeuvrability

As the name suggests, all-terrain cranes can be employed on different types of ground conditions. This is what sets them apart from their counterparts. This enhanced mobility can be attributed to its all-wheel suspension. Thus, rather than need two different types of cranes when engaging in construction activities outdoors and indoors, you can simply utilise the same all-terrain crane to transport heavy loads across the asphalt, sand and even rocky ground. It is worth noting that since one piece of equipment can be utilised on different types of terrain, you can also save on labour costs as you do not need multiple crane operators on-site.

Exceptional speed

Although multiple factors can affect the timeline of a construction project, the type of equipment you employ is one of the leading aspects that would make the difference between wrapping up within the projected timeline or experiencing multiple delays. The great thing about all-terrain cranes is that you have the flexibility of choosing a travel speed that will be best suited for your project. For example, if your project will primarily be carried out on the asphalt, you will find that a high-speed all-terrain crane will be a better solution than one of the slower varieties that is better acclimatised to operating on uneven terrain.

In terms of efficiency, all-terrain cranes are much more competent at transporting loads at high speed than their rough terrain counterparts. Unlike rough terrain cranes that will need multiple trucks for efficient haulage, all-terrain cranes can maintain the desired speed while using a singular truck for the transportation of heavy loads, which translates into excellent agility and mobility. 

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