Understanding Crane Hoists

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Understanding Crane Hoists

25 March 2020
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There are two words in the phrase crane hoist; "crane" and "hoist". Individually, they have different meanings or uses. A crane is a piece of equipment that is used to move loads horizontally or vertically. A hoist can only move loads up and down, meaning it is only restricted to vertical movements.

The phrase crane hoist, therefore, means that the capabilities of a crane and hoist have been integrated to remove the restrictions of hoists and make work easier. A crane hoist enables the hoist to lift or lower loads and also transport the lifted load horizontally, which makes work much easier.

Chain or Rope?

Crane hoists can either be fitted with a rope or a chain. A rope is considered heavy-duty, because it can lift heavier loads, meaning that if you require to lift heavy loads, crane hoists fitted with ropes are the best option. A rope fitted crane hoist might not, however, be recommended for needs that require hygiene, as chains are more hygienic and can be cleaned easier. This goes to show you that there are factors that have to be considered when choosing between a chain or rope fitted crane hoist. You just have to consider your needs and then check which of the two (chain or rope) suits those needs best.

You may also learn that there are specific crane hoists used for particular tasks. For example, if you have construction needs, you might need a buck hoist or a man-lift. Warehouses mostly use an electric warehouse hoist, while underground shafts might use multi-rope cranes, friction hoists or ratchet lever hoists. You may, of course, come across many types of crane hoists. Don't get overwhelmed, the crane hoist company usually offers assistance in choosing the most suitable option for your needs.

Automated and Manual Crane Hoist

You might come across an automated or manual crane hoist. Again, consider your needs and determine which method of operation makes work easier or is most convenient. An automated crane hoist can either be electrically or air motor powered; find out which method seems efficient and effective based on your needs. Consider energy bills, ease of work and feasibility when choosing your crane hoist.

Crane Hoist Buying Price

Of course, the heavier a load a crane hoist can lift, the more features it has (for example, automation and heavy load limit protection) and the bigger the size, the more expensive the crane hoist will be. You might also want to look at the maintenance required for the particular crane hoist. More maintenance might mean higher maintenance costs.

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