Have you thought about the quality of seats in your truck?

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Have you thought about the quality of seats in your truck?

2 April 2020
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For professional truck drivers who spend their life on the road, a comfortable journey has to be one of their primary concerns. If they are forced to spend hours every day being bounced around every time they drive over a pothole or need to apply the brakes, drivers will soon end up with back pain and need to take time off work to recover. The best way to protect the health of your workers is to fit truck seats that have been fully sprung and designed to ensure that drivers are kept safe. Well-designed truck seats can help to protect your staff but they also make economic sense for your business. Here are three reasons that your company should invest in high-quality truck seats.

Lower vibration levels

Long-term exposure to vibration can have serious consequences for drivers. Conventional truck seats move both sideways and up and down depending on the condition of the track or road being travelled. Fitting truck seats that have been properly sprung or fitted with air suspension can help to lower the amount of vibration reaching the driver and ensure that they enjoy a smooth ride irrespective of the state of the road they are driving.

Avoid shocks from the road

Any truck seats that you purchase should be comfortable for your drivers, and that comfort must remain even when the vehicle is driven along a bumpy track. Look for truck seats whose manufacturer has spent time developing the seats shock absorption capabilities so that the bumps on the surface of the road are not noticed by the driver.

A long-term solution

Poor quality truck seats aren't just a problem for drivers. If a truck seat isn't well-constructed, it won't last long in a working environment. Truck seats are used constantly, often in rough conditions. Cheap truck seats may save you a little in the initial cost but you will pay far more for them over time. Buying cheap seats could mean that your driver is out sick or that the seat itself fails, causing your truck to be off the road. Ultimately, a cheap seat will need replacement much sooner than a well-designed truck seat and the cost of that will far exceed anything that you may have saved by buying the cheaper seat.

Speak to your local supplier to find out how to install new truck seats in your company's specific make and model of truck.