A Guide to Buying a Dog Trailer

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A Guide to Buying a Dog Trailer

17 June 2020
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A dog trailer is a kind of dog housing or carrier pulled behind your vehicle. It is usually made of strong and heavy metal such as steel. However, some parts can be made from lighter metal like aluminium. If you are looking into purchasing a dog trailer, you might have one of the following needs:

  • You do not like carrying your dog inside your car because of his or her fur sticking to your seats
  • You have many dogs that cannot fit inside your car
  • You run a dog training company and need to transport the dogs
  • You are travelling for several days and want your dog to be comfortable

Here's what you need to know before buying a dog trailer:

What Is Your Car Make and Model?

Your car should be able to support and pull the weight of the dog trailer you purchase. Therefore, ensure you purchase a trailer that is compatible with your car. If you don't know how to check on compatibility, don't worry, the dog trailer salesperson can help you choose a dog trailer that matches your vehicle's make and model.

The Size of the Trailer

Consider the number of dogs you have and then choose a dog trailer that can fit the maximum number of dogs you need to transport. Fitting means one dog has enough space to turn, lie down, wag its tail, feed, sleep and stand comfortably without limitation.


You also need to consider various features to get the most out of your dog trailer. Such features revolve around ease in cleaning the dog trailer, comfort padding, weatherproof materials, good shocks that can endure rough terrain, etc.

What does this mean? 

When you are purchasing your dog trailer, get a trailer that you can clean easily; you need to be able to reach all corners without struggling. Your dog needs to be protected from metal sides. Padding is usually installed to ensure your dog hits soft material if the trailer is shaking vigorously. Of course, a dog trailer needs to be weatherproof. If it is raining, your dog should not get wet; likewise, if it is too hot, the trailer should be well ventilated to ensure your dog remains cool. Something else that most people forget is good shock absorbers. Remember, you might be taking your dog(s) for nature trails or walks frequently. To access such areas, you might need to pass through rough terrain. The shock absorbers on the dog trailer need to be able to handle rough terrain to ensure your dog remains comfortable.

Look around your area to find what dog trailers are available.