Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Using Concrete Pumps

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Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Using Concrete Pumps

28 July 2020
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There are many methods of placing concrete on construction sites. But, concrete pumping is a fast and economical method. Despite this fact, it is a process that often presents numerous hazards. You can prevent accidents by having proper installation in place. It is vital to have all the foreseeable risks taken into account. If your project involves concrete pumps, here are common risks to avoid.

Not Planning Ahead

Before you place concrete using a concrete pump, take the time to plan. The location you will be using should be free from debris. Also, it needs to be levelled. It is also essential to think of the area you will be setting up the pump. In case there are any excavations, ensure they are correctly backfilled and compacted. Another vital issue to address is the power line. It is important to note that power line contact is fatal. Have a spotter in place to warn the operator should they boom near the power line. The planning will help keep the operator and the staff safe.

Failing To Communicate With the Operator

Most concrete pumps workers forget to communicate with the operator. When using concrete pumps, make sure each crew member understands the role they play. That way, you can be sure the chances of miscommunication or accident will be less. There should be one person communicating with the pump operator. That is essential since the operator cannot see the placement. The communication will help in making sure the operator knows what to do. Thus, all the people working on the project will be on the same page.

Neglecting Training

There are many stages involved when operating a concrete pump. The crew working should be well-trained to ensure everything goes smoothly. Also, the operators must have completed comprehensive training on safe operations of the machine. Thus, safety and operational skills are critical for any team handling the project. When each person knows the role they have to play, it helps reduce any complications.


Concrete pumping is the most efficient method of placing concrete. But the company working on the project should ensure they have put the right safety measures in place. By doing this, they will be lessening the possibility of accidents taking place. The best way to avoid issues is by working with the contractors on the site before the pre-pour. The contractor will help in setting up the project. That will ensure the crew is safe and the job is completed on time.

For more information on concrete pumps and pumping, reach out to a local concrete contractor.