Two Situations in Which You Should Rent a Crane Truck Instead of a Standard Crane

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Two Situations in Which You Should Rent a Crane Truck Instead of a Standard Crane

30 November 2020
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If you're in one of these situations, you should use the services of a crane truck rental company, instead of renting a standard crane.

You'll need to use the crane on two sites that are far away from one another on the same day

If you need to use a crane on two different sites on the same day and getting from one to the other will involve a road journey due to the distance between these two places, then you should use a crane truck rental service instead of hiring a traditional crane.

If you opt for a standard crane, you won't be able to drive it on any public roads. As such, when the time comes to move it to the second site, you'll need to put it on a truck with a long trailer and use this vehicle to deliver the crane to the new location.

If you need to get the crane to the other site quickly, this could be a problem, as the process of loading a crane onto a trailer and then securing it takes time. Likewise, the unloading of a crane can also be very lengthy, as it needs to be done at a slow pace to ensure that the crane doesn't go rolling towards any people or structures as it is removed from the trailer's tilted platform. Conversely, if you rent a crane truck that can be driven on any road, you won't have to do any slow loading and unloading. Instead, you can simply hit the road in your truck, reach the second site and start using the crane quickly and without any fuss.

You are on a tight budget

If you cannot afford to spend a lot of your funds on renting the crane, then it would definitely be better to rent a crane truck instead of a standard crane. As was mentioned above, to get a standard crane from the first site to the second, you'll need a large truck with a trailer that can support this equipment's weight. If you don't own a truck like this, you will need to rent both the crane itself and one of these trucks, in which case you could end up spending twice as much on rental fees. Furthermore, you would need to purchase fuel for the crane and the truck you use to transport it.

If on the other hand, you hire a crane truck, you'll only have to pay one round of rental fees and will only need to fuel one piece of equipment.