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Bobcat Hire Tips

30 December 2020
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Bobcats are a must-have in most construction sites. They are affordable and can support a wide range of attachments. Bobcat hire is an ideal option for people that need the equipment for a short period. Read this guide for some tips on how to hire bobcats. 

Choosing a Bobcat Hire Company

Below are some tips to guide you as you choose a bobcat hiring company: 

  • Check the company's reviews to know the quality of services they provide and the type of equipment on hire.
  • The company should have a 24-hour customer service department. It ensures you can contact the company at any time.
  • Consider companies that offer free services such as transport and operation.
  • The bobcat hire company should be licenced to work in your state. Besides, all machines should have comprehensive insurance coverage. 

Assess The Equipment

What type of bobcat do you need? Bobcats come in a wide range of sizes. Your construction site will determine the bobcat that you should hire. For instance, choose a bobcat with tracks if the site has muddy conditions. You should also assess the bobcat's ease of operation. For example, equipment with power steering and power take-off shafts are easy to operate. 

The equipment on hire must be in excellent condition. Ask for service records to ensure that the bobcat does not have any defects. Additionally, conduct a test drive to assess the condition of the engine, transmission and hydraulic systems. When hiring the bobcat online, work with companies that give guarantees on the condition of the bobcat. Ideally, you should return the equipment if it is not in perfect condition. 

Wet Hire Versus Dry Hire

Your circumstances will determine whether you should go for wet hire or dry hire. Wet hire is an arrangement where the hiring company provides fuel, lubricants and an operator. Although it is considered expensive, you do not have to bear additional costs after hiring the bobcat. On the other hand, dry hire does not include an operator, fuel and lubricants. It is an ideal option if you have a licence to operate the equipment. The downside of dry hire is that you may be liable for bobcat repairs. 

Assess the company's terms of hire. For example, are you allowed to operate the equipment at night? Will the company allow you to move the bobcat to an alternative location? What is the company's liability policy? For example, the company could ask you to conduct repairs caused by your negligence. 

When hiring a bobcat, work with a reputable company, examine the equipment and check the terms of wet and dry hire.