3 Reasons to Use Excavator Mulches on Construction Jobs

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3 Reasons to Use Excavator Mulches on Construction Jobs

5 February 2021
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If you're working on a project where you need to clear unclaimed or overgrown land, then one of your first jobs will be to prepare the ground. You might need to get rid of trees, shrubs, bushes and long grasses before you can start work.

One of the easiest and quickest ways to do this is to use an excavator mulcher. What are the benefits of mulching your plot?

1. Deal With All Kinds of Growth Quickly

A mulcher gives you a simple solution when you clear overgrown land. While you might need to cut down large trees before you start, the mulcher then takes over. It can clear and chew up small trees and tree stumps; it makes short work of undergrowth and other foliage and plants.

Plus, the mulcher can deal with its own waste. If you want to mulch the land to improve its quality for landscaping later, then you can simply leave the debris on the ground.

Or, if you don't want to do this, the mulcher can cut up everything it works on as you work. You won't have to haul stuff to a separate mulcher somewhere else on-site to cut up your waste.

2. Work on Difficult Ground

Construction sites aren't always flat and even. You might have to contend with hills and slopes.

If you're working on difficult terrain or in difficult conditions, then you might need to send some of your workers out with hand tools to clear parts of the site. You'll then have to find a way to deal with the debris.

If you use an excavator mulcher, then you get a mulching solution that is harnessed to a powerful and versatile machine. You can get the mulcher into more inaccessible areas.

Even if parts of your plot don't give you easy vehicle access, the long arm of the excavator can carry the mulcher into these kinds of areas.

3. Get a More Targeted Clearance

You may want to, or have to, retain some of the features on your land. For example, you might want to leave some trees on the site to boost your landscaping design later.

This isn't always easy if you simply bulldoze the site. You might have to clear areas around the trees manually if your machines can't get too close. If you use an excavator mulcher, you get more control over the attachment. You can work around key features without causing any damage or extra work.

To find out more about mulching options, contact your equipment supplier.