How to Prepare for Your Height Safety Equipment Inspection

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How to Prepare for Your Height Safety Equipment Inspection

27 April 2021
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According to Australian standards and legislation, you must have a height safety equipment inspection done on all of your height-related safety equipment once every 6 to 12 months. If it's almost time for this inspection, then you shouldn't put it off. You should make sure that you are properly prepared, though. These are some of the ways that you can prepare for your inspection.

Gather Your Height Safety Equipment

When the inspector arrives to perform an inspection of your equipment, they will need to have access to all of your harnesses, hoists, and other equipment. Plus, you will need to have everything close at hand so that you can get prepared for the inspection, too. Therefore, now is a good time for you to pull all of your relevant equipment out of storage and out of all of your work trailers and trucks so that you can gather everything together.

Inspect Your Equipment

Before an inspector ever shows up to take a look at your height safety equipment, you might want to clean the equipment and perform a quick inspection of it yourself. Then, you can look for any obvious problems, such as tears or other visible damage to your harnesses. Determine if the equipment can be repaired, if not, then it might be time to discard of it. After all, equipment that isn't in good condition will probably fail inspection and might not do a proper job of protecting your employees in a dangerous situation.

Decide Whether You Need Additional Equipment

When you first purchased your height safety equipment, you might have had all of the equipment that you needed. Now, though, your company might have moved on to taking bigger jobs, or you might have more employees. This means that you might need additional equipment, such as equipment that is rated for bigger or more dangerous jobs, or you might just need more equipment in general so that all of your employees have the height safety equipment that they need.

Place an Order if Necessary

Once you have determined if any of your height safety equipment needs to be replaced, or once you have decided that you need additional equipment, you should consider placing an order as soon as possible. You will want to make sure that you have the necessary equipment on hand when it's time for your inspection. Plus, investing in the equipment now can help you ensure that your employees are ready to take on any job that requires them to work at height.

To learn more, contact height safety equipment inspection services.