Benefits of a Crushed Rock Driveway

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Benefits of a Crushed Rock Driveway

14 July 2021
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Crushed stone can be used in various ways around a home property. It can be used as the base for a retaining wall or for interlocking pavers. As well, stone can also be used on top of the earth to create a driveway. Here are several benefits.

Easy to Install

Crushed rock driveways are relatively easy to construct. The topsoil is removed, and the earth underneath is compacted. Then several stone layers are added, with successively smaller rock pieces. The driveway is again compacted after each layer. Conveniently, you can use a gravel driveway almost immediately. You don't have to wait for any cement to set and cure.

Natural Drainage

Crushed stones provide natural drainage, so the driveway will be less inclined to form puddles when it rains. The surface will be constructed to be higher in the centre and lower at the sides to allow the rain to flow away. Thus, the driveway will be safe without pooling water creating slipping hazards.

Stable Surface

Crushed stone creates a stable surface that is steady to walk and drive over. Because these stones are pulverised by machine, they have angular, sharp edges and sides which lock together when compacted. On the other hand, round pebbles tend to rotate and move when weight is put on them. Thus, you can feel comfortable with a crushed stone driveway that will create a pleasant crunching sound as you walk, without it moving too much.


Crushed stone driveways add decorative texture and colour to the landscape. Various rock species can be broken to spread different hues on the driveway. For instance, crushed limestone comes in greys, blues, tans, and creams. Granite is also available in a wide variety of colours. You could choose a grey driveway or get more creative with colours. For example, blend dark blue with cream and sand stones.

Easy to Maintain

A gravel driveway lasts for many years. It just needs replenishment with extra stones added periodically. Make sure to repair potholes so they don't expand and cause further damage to the driveway.

Thus, spreading crushed rock over a driveway offers numerous benefits. These surfaces are relatively easy to install, and you can conveniently use the drive almost immediately. The stones provide natural drainage, and a mounded shape also allows the rain to flow off the sides and not pool in the centre. The angular shape of the rocks helps to stabilise the surface and stop it from shifting too much. Additionally, the landscape will look more attractive with the colours and textures of natural rocks.