Is your ground too wet to build?

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Is your ground too wet to build?

14 December 2021
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New land for building developments is often in short supply. And while it would be great if every building site was ready for building work when you arrived, that is rarely the case. Sometimes, you may only need to clear and level the ground before starting construction, but on other occasions, there are more serious problems to overcome. One of the most common problems faced by building contractors is a high water table or boggy ground that must be drained before being used for a building. One way you can drain the land is to use a Wellpoint Dewatering system or similar equipment to dry out the ground to allow the foundations to be laid.

Why can't you build on boggy ground?

If you have never had to dig a hole on the beach or in a muddy field, you will learn that as soon as you remove a shovelful of mud, the space will fill up with water. While you might find an alternative solution that doesn't involve pumps, it is far easier to fit a Wellpoint dewatering system or another type of dewatering pump to remove the excess water from the site. Working on dry soil is not only quicker, allowing the footings to be created, but it results in better, more stable building work.

What is a Wellpoint dewatering system?

A Wellpoint dewatering system involves a series of shallow wells being dug across the property to collect the water for disposal. While you might wonder why you can't use a standard water pump, there are good reasons to choose dewatering pumps instead. Arrangements such as the Wellpoint dewatering system and other dewatering pumps are specifically designed to separate the water from the surrounding mud and other debris. If you attempted to use a conventional pump, it would soon become blocked as it sucked in the mud along with the water.

Disposing of the water

One problem that will be common to all dewatering systems is water disposal. If there is a convenient river, lake or drain nearby, the water can often be pumped there if it has not suffered any contamination. If there isn't anywhere nearby to pump the water, the water can be stored on the site and taken away by a truck. You must discuss with your engineering team, the most effective water disposal solution for your site. They can help identify the best dewatering solution for your site.

For more information, reach out to a dewatering pump, such as a Wellpoint dewatering system, supplier near you.