3 Benefits Of Using a Skid Steer Loader on Your Construction Site

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3 Benefits Of Using a Skid Steer Loader on Your Construction Site

15 March 2022
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If you need to use earthmoving machines and equipment on your construction site, then a skid steer loader might be a good investment. What are the advantages of using this type of loader?

1. Compact Strength

While you shouldn't have a problem getting large earthmoving machines onto big open construction sites, these machines sometimes struggle to fit and work on smaller or more complicated sites. For example, you might have problems getting larger machines on a site with restricted access. Or you might not be able to get a machine to its work location if your site has narrow or obstructed areas.

Skid steer loaders are more compact compared to traditional earthmoving machines. They can access more areas and work in tighter conditions. They are also surprisingly powerful for their size.

2. Easy Operation

Some earthmoving machines and pieces of equipment have a steep learning curve. Your operators might take some time to learn how to use a machine; they'll need some experience to pick up the extra skills that make jobs easier for them.

Plus, large earthmoving machines don't always have great driver visibility. For example, front loaders get in the way of an operator's line of sight. So your operators will have to learn how to work a machine's controls and how to get the visibility they need.

Skid steers are easy to master. These machines typically have simple joystick controls. Your operators will have to make a few practice runs to get used to the skid/steer movement; however, they are then good to go. Plus, they won't have to deal with bulky objects blocking their view. These loaders don't have anything in the way of the operator's windscreen.

3. Attachment Options

If you use earthmoving machines that can only do one job, then your equipment costs will rise. You'll have to either buy or hire more machines to do other jobs that your loader can't handle. This also increases the number of machines you have on-site which can make things difficult if you're short on space.

Skid steers don't just do loading work. You can use other attachments to make these machines more useful. So, for example, you can add attachments to drill holes in the ground or to dig trenches. Or, you can use brooms to turn your skid steer into a levelling/cleaning machine. You can even add concrete mixers to these machines.

For more information, contact your equipment suppliers and ask about their skid steers.