Tipper Truck Rental Tips

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Tipper Truck Rental Tips

16 June 2022
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Tippers help transport building materials and equipment in and out of construction sites. You do not have to purchase the truck when you have an ongoing construction project. Renting is a viable alternative since it is cheaper and ensures access to a wide range of trucks. Below is an article with some tipper truck hire insights. 

Choosing a Truck Model

Rental companies have different truck models for hire. Therefore, it is up to you to determine which truck suits your needs. These tips should help you settle on a specific model: 

  • What type of tipper do you prefer? Besides the standard tipper truck, you could need a side-tilt, garbage or industrial tipper.
  • Establish the weight limits of the truck. Typically, a higher weight limit means fewer trips since you can carry a heavier load.
  • If you intend to drive the truck yourself, go for newer models with modern features that make it easy to operate the truck.
  • The truck's size would be a concern when working in constricted areas. For instance, it could be the construction site has a narrow entrance or low-lying electrical wires.
  • Examine the truck's fuel consumption. Fuel-efficient trucks can significantly reduce rental costs. 

Assess the Truck's Condition

If the company rents you a used tipper, assess its condition before signing the rental contract. Start by examining the engine for leaks, strange sounds and too much smoke. Moreover, test the braking and hydraulic system. The truck's tires should have sufficient tread. Furthermore, the tipper must have insurance coverage. You could also examine the maintenance records to know whether the tipper is likely to break down while at your site. For instance, if the company does not service the truck on time, it could experience an engine knock since the interior components could have broken down. 

Negotiate the Rental Conditions 

When renting tipper trucks, the secret is ensuring the company customises the rental agreement to suit your needs. For instance, you might need drivers when renting several trucks. For long-term hire, the company could discount the standard charge when the tippers are idle or under maintenance. Moreover, the company should send mechanics to maintain and repair the trucks. Finally, examine the rental fees by comparing bids from several companies. This way, you are well aware of the standard rental charge. Therefore, you have the upper hand when negotiating. Remember to bargain for flexible payments. 

When renting a tipper truck, choose a suitable model and assess the truck's condition and the terms of the rental contract.