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Are you looking for somewhere that you can hire construction equipment for your next project? Maybe you are wondering whether it makes more sense to buy what you need rather than paying hiring fees for a long-term project. Whatever type of construction work you need to have completed having the right equipment on hand is key to the successful completion of the project. This website will guide you through the process of choosing and obtaining that equipment. You can find articles here with advice on when buying equipment is better than hiring, and when hiring makes more financial sense for your business.


Understanding Crane Hoists

25 March 2020
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There are two words in the phrase crane hoist; "crane" and "hoist". Individually, they have different meanings or uses. A crane is a piece of equipment that is used to move loads horizontally or vertically. A hoist can only move loads up and down, meaning it is only restricted to vertical movements. The phrase crane hoist, therefore, means that the capabilities of a crane and hoist have been integrated to remove the restrictions of hoists and make work easier. Read More …

Advantages of On-Site Inspections

24 March 2020
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Commercial lifting equipment comes in various types. Regardless of the type of commercial lifting equipment, the inspection of such equipment on a regular basis is a mandatory maintenance activity. It is only through regular inspection that potential problems with lifting equipment can be identified before such problems result in an accident or incident. Lifting equipment inspection can either be done on-site or off-site. This article highlights a few benefits of having lifting equipment inspected on-site. Read More …

Understanding Foundation Drilling

23 March 2020
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When you think about foundations, what comes to mind is the concrete slab that is poured on top of the ground to offer a foundation for your home. Foundation drilling is different; this is when big machines or pieces of equipment are used to drill holes into the ground called shafts. This is mainly done to create a strong foundation for big structures like bridges and tall buildings. Such structures require deep foundations, which are achieved through foundation drilling. Read More …

Why Book Earthmoving Equipment Early?

19 March 2020
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Unfortunately, it is not possible to undertake a construction exercise without renting out certain types of equipment. These range from lifting equipment to earthmoving equipment among several other types of equipment. In many cases, equipment rental companies will require that their clients make bookings for rental equipment in advance. This often means that the client will have to pay a specified amount as a deposit in order to secure the booking. Read More …

Why You Should Always Rent a Mobile Crane for a Competent Construction Project

18 March 2020
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If you are responsible for procurement and are working on a major new construction project, you will want to make sure that you get the right equipment at the right price for this lengthy and complex job. In this position, much attention will need to be paid to construction and transport with a particular emphasis on getting rid of unwanted materials. Furthermore, heavy tools and equipment will need to be moved from one point to another, and all of this will require the services of a crane. Read More …